You Asked For It

You Asked For It

Question For You, All-Star…

Whaddaya think is THE number one most requested product you asked for so far might be?

(Cue Jeopardy theme music while I wait for your answer)

Ok. If you just said, “Protein”, you’re a big winner!

Your prize? Glory. Lots and lots of glory for being so dadgum intelligent.

But, I digress…

Coming soon to All American Body, literally any day now, we will launch our “best-est” quality protein.

And…true to All American form, you will NOT pay $30+ smackers for 2 full pounds of this glorious muscle-building goodness.

Or even $23.

How much will it be?

No worries, Mate! I’ll make it worth your while when it launches any day now.

So, stay tuned, mi amigos!

(By the way. Coming right behind this one will be another amazing protein deal on our second most requested product…

Grass-Fed Whey).

Digital Fistbump,

Brian Andrews – “The One Brian T”

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