PLPD™ – Liquid Delivery Technology

PLPD™ - Pharmaceutical Liquid Phase Delivery

What is PLPD™?

PLPD™ stands for “Pharmaceutical Liquid Phase Delivery”. This technology is based heavily on the delivery systems commonly used in many over-the-counter and prescription medications. After careful study of these transport methods, Jeff Golini (Executive Scientist at All American Pharmaceutical) developed a proprietary version now used exclusively by All American Body for many of our liquid-based supplements.

Liquid Delivery vs. Capsules or Tablets

From an end-user standpoint, liquid-based supplements offer a distinct advantage over other delivery forms when it comes to one thing: ease of use. With nothing to mix and no capsule or tablet to swallow, these products offer a highly convenient way to supplement.

From a scientific standpoint, liquids provide a quicker, more efficient means to deliver active ingredients to your system at full strength. By removing the need to digest a capsule or tablet, target compounds are more readily available for absorption into the bloodstream. For these reasons, most cold and flu medications typically utilize liquid delivery systems.

Overall, our exclusive PLPD™ technology represents a more effective and efficient way to elevate the overall effects of our most advanced liquid-based formulas.

If PLPD™ Is So Good, Why Not Use It For All Products?

Even with the major benefit of delivering a full dose of active ingredients to your system more quickly, some might think this technology should be used at all times.

However, this is simply is not possible or beneficial in all cases. In fact, the effects of some ingredients are actually more pronounced when “time-released” in divided amounts.

A great example is AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate). This compound is very “hygroscopic”, meaning it absorbs moisture like a sponge, which can diminish its potency. Furthermore, it should be “dripped” into the system for extended nitric oxide production.

Therefore, it’s best taken as a tablet (not in powder or liquid). Tablets break down slower, and they can be specially designed to release ‘layered’ doses of an active ingredient. That’s why many pharmaceutical drugs are often tablets.

Furthermore, despite what some advertisements may claim, liquid-based delivery systems (and, for that matter, powders) do not offer the ability to ‘time-release’ ingredients. Nor do they increase the bioavailability of the active compounds.

All Liquid Delivery Systems Are Not Created Equal

There are 2 critical factors that must be considered when working with a liquid delivery system: Stability and Solubility.

  1. Stability – Stability (a compound’s ability to resist chemical change) is one of the most overlooked issues in the supplement industry. Many products are formulated with compounds that can degrade in liquids and stomach acids, losing their potency and effectiveness, i.e., their bioavailability. Examples include creatine monohydrate, glutamine and beta alanine. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to create a liquid-based product with these active ingredients in them. (Unless it has the proper stabilization technology.)
  2. Solubility – Solubility (or how well a compound dissolves in liquids) is another determining factor for the overall effectiveness of a liquid-based formula. It’s a simple fact that not all substances will dissolve when placed in a liquid. For this reason, some manufacturers use strong acids to chemically ‘force’ a compound to go into solution. Others try to create a ‘serum’, or clear liquid, out of a given nutrient by literally melting it down at extreme temperatures. In both cases, these processes can literally destroy the active ingredients, rendering them useless.

How Does PLPD™ Overcome These Factors?

  1. Stability – PLPD™ is specifically designed for speed of delivery. As a result, what’s also needed is a way to preserve the bioavailability of nutrients by stabilizing them. If you are familiar with Kre-Alkalyn creatine and it stabilization technology, you understand why we can actually produce potent products in this form. The key is to protect the active ingredients against degradation within the liquid itself, and, ultimately, the stomach … before they are ever added to the liquid base.
  2. Solubility – Although we previously stated that creatine monohydrate, glutamine and beta alanine are not very water-soluble, it’s finally possible to create highly effective liquid-based formulas with them using our PLPD™ technology. We reduce the active compounds to finely divided microparticles. Next, they are evenly dispersed throughout the mixture. The finished product takes on the appearance of an actual solution (a liquid with fully dissolved solids) or viscous gel.

Can Anyone Do This?

In a word: No! PLPD™ is an extremely complex process, requiring specialized equipment and highly experienced personnel. It also demands a complete understanding of how to properly construct liquid-based formulas, especially regarding the 2 most critical factors: stability and solubility.

These advanced methodologies, combined with our other delivery technologies, clearly separate our liquid formulas from all others!

Remember, these processes are not only proprietary; they are exclusive to All American Body. The final result is properly constructed liquid-based powerhouse supplements that defy anything previously attempted.

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