I Love My All-Star Audience

I Love My All-Star Audience

Hey, All-Star …

I recently got a great question from my beloved All-Star audience…for about the 27th time

What was the question?

A big shout out goes to my main man, big John Bradley from Baltimore, Maryland for being #27!

His question?

“Mr. Andrews, what is the idea behind your AAB liquid products? Do they work better somehow by being a liquid? Thank you, John.

First things first. You don’t have to call me “Mr. Andrews.” Makes me feel like a dinosaur. We are all friends here, right?

Just use my nickname: “Sir”.


Anyway, rather than answer it out right here, I did you a favor. I wrote an article that’s now posted on our blog.


I also just laid down some knowledge in a shiny new episode of The All American Body Show dedicated to this very topic.

So, if you like to read, or just listen…or both… head on over there right now using the links below.



Enjoy, mi amigos!

Digital Fistbump,

Brian Andrews – “The One Brian T”

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