The Origin of All American Body

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My Very Dearest All-Star…

Frankly, you’ve heard enough about me and my role with All American Body.

BUT, you haven’t too much yet from Dr. Jeff Golini.

Other than being our formulator and the head of All American Pharmaceutical, he’s…

“The man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour.”

In case you aren’t an old-school professional wrestling fan, that’s a quote from Superstar Billy Graham.

But, I digress.

Dr. Jeff just finished an excellent video that explains this brand and how it got started from his perspective.

I think it’s gold.

But…what do you think? That’s what REALLY matters, mi Amigo!

Give it a watch, scroll down, and then post your comments (or questions) below.


Digital Fistbump,

Brian Andrews – “The One Brian T”

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