The All American Body Clone Wars

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Alrighty, All-Star…

By now, you’ve probably heard me talk about how we can “clone” existing products and then offer them for much less than what the original costs.

I know that sounds good.

BUT, you might be wondering what this really means… and how we do it in the first place.

Well, wonder no more!

I’ve just finished a brand new video that explains how we clone products in detail.

And you get to hear it straight from “The Man” himself – Dr. Jeff Golini (not me)!

So sit back, relax and enjoy. I think you’ll really like what you’re about to see.

When you finish, please do two simple things for me, will ya? (I said “please”)

  1. Scroll down to where it says “Leave A Reply” and let know what you thought about it.
  2. Make your own product “cloning” request by clicking here.

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Brian Andrews – “The One Brian T”

4 thoughts on “The All American Body Clone Wars

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      Brian Andrews says:

      From Dr. Jeff:

      Luis, thanks so much for your questions.

      First off, the cloning techniques I’ve developed are allowed by the FDA and perfectly legal. It takes some high tech science to work this type of magic. Keep one thing in mind here – the food industry does this… they just call it “generic”. (However, my clones will be high-end and definitely not cheap knockoffs).

      Now, as far as being “fair” to other supplement companies goes. Competition is what makes our economy work. The fact is, many of these same companies have been trying to knock off my ideas for years. For example, Creatine, which I brought to the market, Whey Protein, which I helped bring to the market, and also Arginine AKG. I could certainly go on, but you get my point.

      The bottom line is that in the end, it’s YOU the consumer who wins.

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    Jonathan cotler says:

    I think the both of you need to skip leg day for a short while. Y’all have the same problem I’m having wearing pants. Quadzilla!!

    Really informative video, I learned a lot, also, if you need test subjects, I gladly volunteer! ????????‍♂️

    Can’t wait for the fish oils!!

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