Ep. 1 – Who Is All American Body?

Ep.1-Who Is All American Body

In this very first episode, Brian Andrews explains who he is and what the All American Body brand is about.

The All American Body Show
Episode #1
The All American Body Show Episode #1

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 1 – Who Is All American Body?

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    Jonathan Cotler says:

    Excellent intro, love hearing you and Jeff speak. Looking forward to the next episode. As I’m typing this I just realized the release date. Are there more episodes up and where could I find them !?

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        Jonathan Cotler says:

        How do you know you’re over training, should you work out accessories aside from when they are worked during compound exercises? What’s the best way to reduce cortisol?

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    Rodney Black says:

    I would like a show to be about getting your mind in the game to get the body you want. I am troubled with not having the mindset of getting up and working out.

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